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A Natural Healthcare Facility

founded by Dr. Josef Arnould



Guided Strength Training for Adults
Comprehensive Chiropractic Care


Nutritional Excellence
Reducing Body Fat
Spinal Fitness


What Makes Strength for Life® Health & Fitness Center Unique?

In the Strength for Life® Health and Fitness Center, two healing arts of movement—strength training and chiropractic healthcare—are integrated to an unusually high degree. Chiropractic care restores and maintains normal function in our muscular, skeletal, and nervous systems. Systematic strength training enables us to develop the power, flexibility, and coordination necessary to exceed the demands of everyday physical activities. From the synthesis of these two dynamic health disciplines, spinal fitness emerges as a central element of whole-body health and lifelong physical activism. It offers every one of us an opportunity to reach a higher state of well-being than we could attain by utilizing only one of these two forms of natural healthcare. Chiropractic patients who do exercises based on strength training principles make speedier and more complete recoveries from spinal problems than those who do not. Strength trainees whose workout programs include functional chiropractic exercises for the spine attain a higher level of total-body fitness than those whose programs do not include such core-developing work.

This website and its affiliated sites offer ongoing information and inspiration about strength training for life, chiropractic care, spinal fitness, nutrition, environmental citizenship and other elements of proactive health. Achieving and maintaining strength and fitness throughout one’s lifetime are challenging endeavors that require dedication, concentration, and frequently updated training information. May you find the ideas and techniques presented here to be vital and uplifting. As new articles are presented, may you be inspired to forward them to every person for whom you care.

Strength For Life

Strength For Life