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• August 1, 2017   |  

American Diet Revolution Taking Back Our Health Freedom


American Diet Revolution

Taking Back Our Health Freedom 

Josef Arnould, D.C. 

Strength for Life® Health & Fitness Center



The foods we Americans eat today—and have eaten for the past 60 years—are the primary reason so many of us are battling constantly against the excessive accumulation of body fat. Naively, in the last half of the 20th Century we accepted dietary advice from paid-off researchers, governmental agencies, industries, and medical organizations we assumed were motivated to help us become leaner and healthier and “enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” We assumed wrong. Instead of enjoying the freedom of good health, we have become the new American colonists, disabled prematurely by obesity, diabetes, dementia and many other diet-related diseases. To regain our independence, we must revolt actively against foods that make us fat and replace them with foods that restore our strength and vitality. In this article, we present just one example of how nutritional misinformation caused tragic health consequences and one way we can take back our health freedom. 

The most damaging dietary advice of the 20th Century was: “Eat lots of whole healthy grains.” The USDA’s 1992 Holy Food Pyramid[Field] commanded us to eat 7-11 servings of whole grains every day. We followed this advice carefully, increasing our consumption of grain-based foodstuffs by 30%. So what happened? The rates of obesity and diabetes in the U.S. have increased in every year since. Could eating “whole healthy grains” do this? 

Motivated by an honest application of scientific methodology, a new breed of nutritional researchers has emerged in the 21st Century. They have demonstrated conclusively that foods which cause our blood sugar levels to rise significantly cause our bodies to release insulin, “the fat storage hormone.” Insulin facilitates the transport of excess blood glucose to the liver where it is converted to fat for storage. In addition, insulin prevents the release of other hormones which allow us to burn stored body fat. Therefore, to decrease excess bodyfat, we must avoid all foods that raise our blood sugar levels precipitously. Consider the following example. 

Whole wheat bread has a glycemic index of 72, which means a slice of bread will raise one’s blood sugar level faster and higher than the same amount of table sugar, which has a glycemic index of 59. How can a “whole healthy grain” do this?  

One intrinsic component of all wheat-based foodstuffs is Amylopectin A[Field], a highly concentrated carbohydrate responsible for germinating wheat seeds. In the human GI[Field] tract, Amylopectin A is broken down and absorbed rapidly, causing blood sugar levels to rise quickly, triggering the release of insulin. By this pathway, eating even small amounts of wheat-based foodstuffs—breads, bagels, biscuits, crackers, croutons, muffins, et cetera—causes us to store excessive amounts of bodyfat. And this is just one among several detrimental health consequences for us when we eat not just wheat, but all grain-based foodstuffs. Therefore, if we want to regain and maintain excellent health, we must eliminate grains, the fossil fuels of the American diet. 

Today, more than 50% of the calories we consume come from grain-based foodstuffs—wheat, corn, rice, and oats. If we eliminate these toxins from our diets, we must replace their calories with foods that promote better health. What do leading 21st Century researchers tells us are these foods? Their answer, almost unanimously, is: healthful fats. If you are a vegan, this means eating generous amounts of raw seeds and nuts—especially coconuts, and fruits that are rich in fats—such as avocados and olives. If you are an ova-lactivore, you should add ample amounts of eggs and possibly full-fat, lactose-free dairy products—such as butter. If you are an omnivore, you can once again enjoy the fats from animals that are pasture-raised and reared without growth stimulants or antibiotics. 

Each one of us who eliminates grain-based foodstuffs from our diets is enlisting as a soldier in the 21st Century American Diet Revolution. We are throwing the bad dietary advice and the fat-causing foods of the 20th Century into Boston Harbor. We are reasserting our right to health freedom.


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