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Our Doctors

Dr. Josef Arnould D.C. After earning a B.A. degree in English from Princeton University, an M.Ed. in Reading and Language Arts from Framingham State College, and a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic, he opened a chiropractic office in Northampton, Massachusetts in 1984.


Since that time, nearly every patient who has sought his services has been instructed thoroughly in specific exercises to expedite recovery from his or her presenting condition, to prevent recurrences, and to reach for a higher state of health.

In 1989, Dr. Arnould expanded the practice to include more comprehensive rehabilitation and exercise therapy services. Although at first only patients in need of rehabilitation were accepted, the program was soon broadened to include people who did not have injuries but who did want instruction and guidance in exercise, especially strength exercise. Some of these people were adults aged 40, 50, 60 and older who had tried a local “Y” or health club but had dropped out due to a lack of instruction and supervision or to an intimidating atmosphere. Many others had never tried strength training before because it seemed a bit strange. Adults such as these discovered immediately that the intimate, relaxed, and supervised atmosphere at the Strength for Life® Health and Fitness Center was an excellent setting in which to exercise safely and effectively.


Over the next several years, the Strength for Life® adult exercise program was improved and refined to make it more effective for more people. In spite of this progress, however, Dr. Arnould recognized that for many people, no matter how much instruction and supervision they received, strength training was still a difficult foreign language. Therefore, in 1998 he began working on a book to present all of the basic principles and many of the important subtleties of strength exercise. Based upon 40+ years of personal study and practice, as well as upon many years of teaching exercise, he composed a comprehensive book of more than 600 pages entitled Stronger After 40. Completed in 2005, this work lays out the entire Strength for Life® program in great detail. It includes not just 400+ pages of pages of illustrated exercises, but also a thorough presentation of the physiological, psychological, spiritual, and social reasons that support his thesis that strength training is an essential form of healthcare for untitledadults of all ages. It offers a graduated exercise program that begins at a level of intensity appropriate for each individual, even those of us who are very unhealthy. This program advances, step-by-step, to a very high level of strength and fitness. No other book shows so well how one can progress smoothly from weakness and poor health to strength and health excellence. Only someone such as Dr. Arnould, with decades of personal strength training experience and with decades of experience teaching others how to train intelligently, could have written such a complete, sensitive, and thoughtful work. Everyone who reads this book in its entirety will see his or her health and life in a much stronger and clearer light.

Bright and early in the morning seven days each week, Dr. Arnould exercises along side many of the trainees who have been utilizing the Strength for Life® system for years. The pictures you see in Stronger After 40 and in this website show some of these trainees as they redevelop the strength they need to enjoy and excel in the favorite activities of their lives. When he is not in the Strength for Life® clinic, Dr. Arnould swims, bikes, hikes, kayaks, and skis in the woods, lakes, and hills of New England.


Dr. Roger Berman is a graduate of Northwestern College of Chiropractic.  A native of bermanNatick, Mass., Dr. Berman has been practicing in western Mass. for over 20 years.  Dr. Berman uses both traditional and lower force chiropractic techniques, a variety of muscle and soft tissue therapies, physiotherapies, and exercises, with the goal of freeing up and conditioning the spine to function at its best.  In addition to spinal adjusting, he specializes in adjusting the joints of the arms and legs, and is especially proficient at working with chronic ankle and foot problems.






Dr. Godbout  focuses mainly on spinal and extremity conditions, sports injuries, pre­natal and soft tissue care. He dr dan photospecializes in chiropractic care, manual and adjunctive therapies, prescription based rehabilitation, sports performance and nutritional wellness. My professional goals are to meet and exceed individual needs of our patients. Patients enjoy personalized progressive treatment, quicker recovery rate, convenient hours and location, and health education that can significantly improve their daily lives and live a active and comfortable life.

Rehabilitative/Stabilization exercises are often necessary to help the patient “hold” the effects of chiropractic manipulation and soft tissue treatment. Whereas chiropractic manipulation in conjunction with soft tissue treatment will help to eliminate pain and restore proper function, rehabilitative/stabilization exercises will allow the patient to hold the spinal or extremity corrections. Involving the patient in the care plan is just as important as chiropractic care. The patient should ultimately be reliant upon him/herself to maintain their progress, and a transition will occur from passive to active care.


New York Chiropractic College: Doctor of Chiropractic 04′

Elms College: Bachelor of science in Biology 01′

Holyoke Community College: Associates in Liberal Arts 99′

Certifications past and present:

­National Academy of Sports Medicine

­Active release technique for upper extremity, lower extremity and spine

­Thomson drop techniques

­Activator methods for gentle and

­Webster techniques

­Sacral occipital technique

­Applied Kinesiology

­Strength and Conditioning Coach

­Personal trainer ISSA


­Sports therapy and rehabilitation

­Manual soft tissue treatment

­Post injury rehabilitation and injury prevention

­Corrective exercise and postural training

­Foam roller therapy

Personal interests:

­Golf, travel, running, biking, hiking, weight training, reading and improving patients quality of life

Strength For Life

Strength For Life