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    After-Dinner Love Potion #9: East African Ecstastea

    Most of us must admit that, right after finishing dinner, there is a little voice somewhere saying, “I would just love to have something sweet to finish off this meal. And if it could have chocolate and not make me gain weight, that would be perfect. Couldn’t you come up with something like that? You know, not something huge, just something warm and delicious.”

    And then, another much deeper and more solemn voice says, “You know, you have done pretty well so far today. You have eaten a lot of really healthy food. Let’s not blow it now, Buster. Why don’t you just gargle on a cup of salt water if you want something warm and then go to bed before that munchkin seduces you again.”

    So, is there a solution to this taste-bud tug-of-war?

    Yes! Enter East African Ecstastea, Love Potion #9 of 2018!

    Ingredients (all organic):

    One bag of Yogi Egyptian Licorice Tea. Very sweet but zero calories and zero grams of sugar.

    Three small squares of Madecasse 92% Cocoa Pure Dark Chocolate from Madagascar. One whole bar has six grams of sugar; you are going to use 1/10 of a bar, i.e., less than one gram.


    Boil one cup of water.

    Pour the steaming water into an elegant tea cup over the Egyptian Licorice tea bag, which has been waiting as patiently as a traveler at a bus station.

    Cover the top of the cup to retain heat while the tea steeps for 5 minutes. Uncover.

    Break off one row, three small squares, from the Madecasse Pure Dark Chocolate Bar.

    Drop in the squares one at a time into the tea and allow them to sink to the bottom of the cup.

    Remove the tea bag and stir the chocolate squares with a spoon until they infuse with the tea.



    Before you drink, bring the cup just above your upper lip and enjoy the steamy aroma for a few delightful moments. Then sit back, relax, and sip this elixir thoughtfully. Maybe you are sitting in a temple in ancient Egypt. Maybe you are up in a tree with monkeys in Madagascar. Allow this sweet beverage to transport you to wherever your imagination takes you.