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    Dr. Arnould’s book “American Diet Revolution!”

    American Diet Revolution! by Dr. Josef Arnould is a dynamic new entry into the fields of health, nutrition, and exercise. Health care costs in the United States are twice as high as in any other “developed” country in the world. In spite of these huge expenditures, our national rates of obesity, diabetes, auto-immune diseases, dementia and other types of neurological diseases have been increasing rapidly for decades. Increased management of heart disease and cancers has allowed patients to survive longer, but these methods have not slowed down the rates at which these diseases occur in the first place. Virtually all independent health providers and researchers agree; it is urgent we improve our eating habits to become leaner, healthier, and more physically fit. However, we face one enormous problem. We continue to be bombarded constantly with conflicting nutritional advice. How do you know what foods you should and shouldn’t eat? Non-fat, low-fat, Paleo, Mediterranean, high-protein, vegan, whole-grain, no-grain. What should you believe? Where should you begin? In American Diet Revolution! Dr. Arnould offers you several new and unique ways to consider and answer these questions.

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    In the first chapters of this book, you will learn why you are so confused about the healthfulness of different types of foods. Dr. Arnould provides a concise historical review of dietary advice and nutritional research in the U.S. from the 1950s to present. You will be shocked to see how gullible we Americans were to accept dietary advice without questioning it during the last 50 years of the 20th Century. Deceptive diet recommendations were drummed into our ears and flashed into our eyes continuously by “trusted” government agencies and medical organizations. These “experts” decided for us what we should eat. Now, however, by reading American Diet Revolution! you are empowered to decide for yourself which sources of dietary advice you can and cannot trust and which foods you should and shouldn’t eat.

    Next, in contrast to dietary deceit in the 20th Century, Dr. Arnould summarizes the best nutritional information and dietary advice offered by leading nutritional researchers and writers of the 21st Century. Here, as in no other previous book, you will find a comprehensive summary of dietary works written by the most distinguished and honest experts of our era. Adding to their expertise, Dr. Arnould offers his own interpretations of contemporary research and his own clinical findings, based upon thirty-five years of nutritional and exercise guidance to patients in his clinic. No longer are you passive and confused; you are an inspired, active, questioning, nutritional learner.

    As a third distinguishing feature of American Diet Revolution!, Dr. Arnould offers simple menus, recipes, and quick-to-prepare meals for the millions of us who lead time-challenged lives. He consolidates examples of these nutritious foods even further into a handy two-page guide you can refer to wherever you go. Just by glancing at this compact guide as you shop for food, you will be reminded of specific foods you should try to include in your diet.

    A fourth outstanding feature of American Diet Revolution! is the wide lens it offers you to view the impact of your food choices. By purchasing and eating foods of exquisite nutritional value and by boycotting toxic industrial foodstuffs, you are doing more than improving only your own health. You are deploying powerful economic weapons capable of causing great changes in the local, national, and global environments we all share. As you take these peaceful but powerful steps, you are leading a second American Revolution, the fight for the freedom of good health.

    In sum, American Diet Revolution! presents and explains a new nutritional philosophy. If you prize freedom and good health, you can no longer accept dietary advice passively. To improve your diet and your health, you must question actively the sources and integrity of all dietary advice. By reading about, questioning, and discussing the healthfulness of different foods, you are declaring yourself to be a nutritional learner, that is, an American Diet Revolutionary!

    Abdominal Strength for Life®!

    You Can Build Leaner and Stronger Abdominals After 40, After 65, and Beyond!

    Abdominal Strength for Life®! is a book for a lifetime. You will read, study, and refer back to this unique work for many years to come. It is based upon a core muscle program Dr. Arnould has developed and used successfully with adults in his clinic for more than thirty years. During this time, he has helped thousands of people from ages 40 to 90 achieve leaner and stronger waistlines.

    To help you visualize every muscle group you are training, he provides dozens of large and clear illustrations and pictures in vivid color. In addition, he describes every step of every exercise in great detail. You will learn not just how to do each exercise, but how to feel your body move as you do them. No other exercise book offers you such an effective and well-organized plan to develop leaner and stronger abdominals for the rest of your life.

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    And Don’t Forget another one of Dr. Josef’s essential exercise books:

    Neck Strength for Life®

    Neck Strength for Life: Exercises to Relieve and Prevent Neck Pain, Headaches, and Vertigo, is Dr. Arnould’s brilliant work showing you how to exercise safely and intelligently as you age. It features six clearly explained and lavishly photographed neck exercises which you can perform easily at home without any special equipment. Doing these simple exercises a few minutes each day, three to four days per week, will significantly reduce your risk for three agonies of modern civilization: neck pain, headaches, and dizziness. Just as importantly, these exercises will give you greater freedom of movement in your neck, enabling you to enjoy and excel in all your favorite physical activities.

    To purchase a copy of this exciting new book, simply click below to select either the ebook or print book version. For a very small investment of your time, money, and effort, you will be rewarded with a more flexible neck and a highly stimulated brain! You will be so amazed that you will want to order other copies to be sent to your friends and family members.

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