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    About Dr. Josef

    Even in his early childhood, Josef Arnould enjoyed the quest for physical fitness. Whether it was catching snakes, climbing trees, throwing rocks and snowballs, or hitting baseballs, he loved the thrill of physical exertion. As a voracious teenage reader, he was also stimulated by the relationship of good nutrition to successful athletic performance.

    After graduating from Princeton University and Framingham State University, with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English and Language Arts respectively, he entered Palmer College of Chiropractic with a career ambition of helping others achieve good health. In the curriculum at Palmer, he studied human anatomy, physiology, and nutrition in great depth.

    Upon receiving his doctorate in 1983, Dr. Arnould opened a clinic in Western Massachusetts. From his first days of practice, he was determined to fuse three natural disciplines of health: whole-body exercise; nutritious eating; and comprehensive chiropractic healthcare. To symbolize his commitment to this concept, he named his practice Strength for Life® Health and Fitness Center. Now in its 35th year, this clinic thrives as a community where people of all ages come to learn about exercising and eating intelligently and about receiving chiropractic care when necessary.

    To share the knowledge and experience he had gained from many years of reading and teaching, as well as his lifelong love of exercise, Dr. Arnould composed a comprehensive textbook, Stronger After 40: Strength Training as Healthcare for Women and Men in the 21st Century. Published by Alward Publications in 2005, this work contains hundreds of photos and detailed explanations demonstrating how we can perform strength training and flexibility exercises safely and well, even if we are 80 or 90 years of age.

    Now in his 70s, Dr. Arnould keeps us up-to-date in the exploding field of nutrition, with an exciting new book, American Diet Revolution! Much more than a manual of dietary advice, in this work we learn why and how, if we value our own health and the health of everyone we know and love, we must become activists about the foods we purchase and eat. Instead of an appeal for your relaxed consideration, this book inspires you to take action!