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    At Strength for Life®, we share three ideals of health excellence.

    Strength for Life® Ideal #1: The quintessence of healthcare is selfcare. You are your own primary health provider. Your doctors, your therapists, and all other healthcare providers work for you. Their services are always secondary to what you do for yourself.

    Strength for Life® Ideal #2: Achieving good health is a lifelong learning process. You must learn for yourself how to eat wisely and how to exercise intelligently. Barges of misinformation flow daily before your eyes. You cannot rely solely upon reports in the media, hearsay, or propaganda from medical industrialists to guide your health decisions. Instead, you must consider health advice and information carefully and always question the reliability of its sources. To earn your health each day, you must become a dedicated, humble, inquisitive, vigilant, and conscientious learner.

    Strength for Life® Ideal #3: How well you exercise and how well you eat are qualities of your health over which you have complete control. By exercising thoughtfully and by making informed dietary decisions yourself, you will achieve much higher levels of strength and fitness than you could ever attain merely by following the advice of someone else.

    You determine your own health by how well you learn, how well you eat, and how well you exercise every day. In our learning center,, we dedicate ourselves to providing you with some of the information and inspiration you need to reach your personal potential for excellent health.