I come to Strength for Life because it’s a healthy milieu!
– Roy R. age 66

I want to get an early start on my fitness. I like working out with my dad.
– Cole P. age 15

I wouldn’t have been able to walk on that glacier in Alaska if it weren’t for Dr. Arnould straightening out my back.
-Bob C. Age 80

I have had three back issues that the chiropractors at Strength for Life have helped me with and the fact that I go to a gym that is backed up with chiropractors is important for me to have. It matters to know that they are available to me.
-Paul D. Age 75

Knowledgeable staff help you in all aspects of getting fit. Strength Building, calisthenics, dieting, chiropractic services, massage therapy, knowledgeable personal trainers, and friendly receptionists to guide you along from teens to seniors. All have the same goal, to get you fit and stay fit. 
-Charlie B. Age 70

Age is just a number. Our eldest number is 95. My health has improved since coming to Strength for Life. My doctor says keep doing what you are doing.
-Chris M. 61

What I love about Strength for Life is the relaxed and judgement free atmosphere. It makes me want to come back. Amy’s expertise keeps me on track and makes me know I am exercising correctly and safely.
-Julie N. age 55

I think it’s a very relaxed, casual, workout environment for both cardio and a wide range of free weights and weight machines. Dr. Arnould sets your workout program, tailoring your workout procedures to your specific needs so you can be better at your sport. He focuses on core and will evaluate your nutrition, if you would so desire.
-Rick W. age 67

I have been with Dr. Arnould for I believe 30 years. I was in great shape before and then I went on sabbatical for a year and I didn’t have the opportunity to exercise. When I was away, the only thing I missed was this gym. I came back and I started up, but damaged my shoulder. Dr. Arnould helped me to ease the pain and to start all over properly. Little by little I am rebuilding my strength. And the people here are so nice. Dr. Arnould is my hero. He is so dedicated to all of us, loving, kind, and cheerful. 
-Nellie G. 82

You come here thinking you are just gonna lose a couple pounds or get some strength back and you come for a little bit and this transformation starts to happen, both mind and body. It’s a life changing experience. What happened for me is you get this realistic assessment of where you are at. You think you are doing better than you are… but it’s a good thing. It is a good thing because that knowledge motivates you to say I was in denial of where I was and that was motivation to get in sync with my body and mind. It gets you to change to where you need to be.
-Peter 70yrs