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    Balance Class (Open to the Public)

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    2019-08-02 10:00 - 11:00
    Strength for Life
    Address: 116 Pleasant St. Eastworks, Suite 125, Easthampton, MA, 01027

    Are you struggling with your balance and or notice your balancing weakening as time goes on? If you like where you are with balance, would you like to learn how to find even more balance and keep what you have you get older. Utilizing different point where our balance can be challenged, this class will increase your body awareness and give you movement and strengthening exercises to increase your balance and stability. We will use barre, yoga, ballet, Pilates, proprioception and flexibility exercises/ techniques that will help grow your balance while giving you a great workout.

    This class is free and open to the public, if you pre-register. Please call 413-529-0700 or visit us at SFL (116 Pleasant St. Eastworks, Suite 125, Easthampton, MA) to sign up.