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    Getting Stronger and More Fit After 50

    Be Stronger After 50!

    In 1998, just after my 50th birthday, I began writing a book entitled Stronger After 40: Strength Training as Healthcare for Women and Men in the 21st Century. This comprehensive guide to strength training for adults was finally completed and published by Alward Publications in 2005. Although this book is no longer in print, you can still purchase used copies on Amazon.

    The first sentence of Stronger After 40 is: “You can be stronger after age 40 than at any previous time in your life.” With hundreds of exercise illustrations in the following 600+ pages, I demonstrate briefly how you can do this and why it is essential to your health. The final sentence of this work reads: “And now you know why you should be and how you can be stronger after 50.”

    Recently, I was contacted by a 55-year-old man named Greg Hund. Apparently, he had seen and read about my most recent book, American Diet Revolution!, which was released a few months ago by Morgan James Publishing. He explained that he felt as though my approach to better health would be an important asset to an audiovisual series of interviews he is creating entitled “Guys Getting Fifty After Fifty.” When Greg told me his personal story, I was inspired and very excited to be selected as one of the health activists he had chosen to interview.Early in 2018, Greg weighed 285 pounds and was a self-described couch potato. With the inspiration of a few others, a bright light came on in his consciousness. He told himself unless he changed his poor eating habits and sofa surfing, he would never be able to enjoy playing with his grandchildren. With renewed determination and learning, he began to eat and exercise intelligently and consistently. Today, he has lost 80 pounds of body weight, is much fitter, has great energy, and is eager to take hikes with his grandchildren. However, rather than merely bask in his own success, Greg has decided to share his story and quest for better health by producing a free online master class of interviews in which he probes the insights of more than a dozen natural health professionals. The first interview was released on Monday June 17. My interview with Greg was just recorded and was broadcast yesterday. I will send out a reminder on the day of its release.

    I urge you to advantage of this opportunity and subscribe to Greg’s series: “Guys Getting Fit After 50: Simple Steps to Get You Off the Couch and Back in the Game.” To subscribe to this free online master class, simply click the link below:
    Many of you are already on the road to better health and fitness. However, each of us knows at least one person and probably several people who are not yet eating and exercising intelligently. Please forward this blog post to anyone you can think of who would benefit by viewing Greg’s exciting series.

    Continuing to learn is the key by which all of us can improve our health throughout life. Every one of us can benefit by confronting new and sincerely presented ideas. Subscribe to Greg’s series and I guarantee you will encounter stimulating new ideas. And, by the way, you do not have to be a guy to benefit. Greg’s wife Tami has also lost a considerable amount of weight and improved her fitness by following the same program as he has. May we all enjoy going for it!