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    Fitness Center

    Strength for Life® Fitness Center: Exercising for the Health of Fit!

    Strength for Life® Health & Fitness Center is more than a place to “work out.” It is a community of energetic adults from 40 to 95 who not only like to exercise together, but who also like learning how to exercise better. Some of our exercise clients have enjoyed training here for more than 25 years. A willingness to learn how they can improve is the key to their long-term fitness success. They recognize that their first six personal instructional sessions here were only a great beginning. They value ongoing coaching, technique reminders, and regular re-evaluations to upgrade their training plans as their strength increases. Challenging workshops and stimulating classes introduce them to new ways to enjoy and experience the thrill of physical exertion. Perhaps above all, our exercise clients find joy in rediscovering the strength and energy they need to perform well in their other favorite physical activities. Your Online Fitness Learning Center is a worldwide community of inquisitive adults who are hungry for reliable, practical, and useful information about safe and effective ways to improve the quality of their exercise experiences and to achieve their personal health goals. When you join this community of dedicated learners, you can access up-to-date information about new and unique exercises, innovative fitness programs, strength training tips and reminders, as well as related nutritional information, delicious recipes, relaxation techniques, and much more.

    Whether you train with us in person or learn with us online, there are at least eight ways in which we help you to improve of your health and fitness. You can:

    • increase your strength—to excel in the physical activities of your life;
    • increase your bone and muscle mass—the superstructure of your body;
    • decrease your body fat—to the level you need for good health;
    • improve your cardiorespiratory fitness—for better blood and oxygen flow;
    • increase your flexibility—because stiffness is your enemy;
    • improve your posture—because you cannot allow gravity to get you down;
    • improve your balance, coordination, and equilibrium—for the dance of life;
    • enjoy feeling good—as lean, strong, flexible, and capable as you can be.

    When you join the Strength for Life® Fitness Center and/or, you are joining a community of lively, questioning, active, lifetime practitioners of good health.

    Josef Arnould, D.C., is Director of Strength for Life ® Health & Fitness Center. Alarmed at declining levels of fitness among his chiropractic patients in the 1980s, he created the unique, SFL, exercise healthcare program. His goal was, and still is, to enable every individual to perform the required and desired physical activities of his or her life as well as possible, for as long in life as possible, and not sustain injuries while doing them. Over the past 30+ years, thousands of his patient/trainees have developed increased strength and fitness, which allows them to enjoy the freedom of good health.

    Amy Dawn Kotel-Swift is the Assistant Director of the Strength for Life ® program and a certified personal fitness trainer. She has taught dance, aerobics, and fitness exercise to people of all age groups for many years. She holds a Masters’ degree in Education and additional certifications in K-12 Dance, Active Older Adult Fitness, Group Exercise, Pilates, Barre Fitness and TRX. Beyond her credentials and experience, Amy provides energy, motivation, and support to our trainees. Her small-group classes help them develop greater agility, coordination, and balance, and to have a ton of fun as they do.