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    Nutrition Center

    In the Strength for Life® Nutrition Center, local and international members of our health and fitness community come together in search of honest information about the healthfulness of the specific foods, beverages, and supplements we eat and drink. In our actual physical facility, exercise clients gather in person to participate in our nutritional workshops, discussion groups, and one-on-one dietary counseling sessions. Just as importantly, in our online community,, you and anyone else from anywhere in the world can participate actively in the study of human nutrition, digestion, and health.

    At the foundation of the Strength for Life® nutritional approach is this philosophy: to evaluate the validity of dietary advice and nutritional information intelligently, all of us must become inquisitive, thoughtful, questioning, nutritional learners.

    The science of nutrition is in its infancy. Honest researchers admit there is still much we need to learn about how specific foods and beverages affect our health. They caution us to not simply accept as absolute truth every bit of nutritional information we hear, see, or read. Unfortunately, during the last 50 years of the 20th Century, most of us did just that. We the people were bombarded deliberately with misleading dietary advice from powerful organizations, agencies, and individuals we believed we could trust. We followed their recommendations faithfully. They profited immensely. However, by following and never questioning their deceptive advice, millions of us became victims of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, auto-immune diseases, cancer, dementia and, to some extent, even the opioid epidemic.

    In the online community, we call our 21st Century nutritional program the American Diet Revolution. When you join us, you dedicate yourself to asking questions and to learning more about human nutrition and digestion. In our podcasts, blog posts, webinars, ebooks, newsletters, and videocasts you will find delicious and nutritious recipes, share secret cooking techniques, and discover other strategies to eat healing foods and avoid toxic ones.

    In short, when you join in the American Diet Revolution, you are taking a pro-active approach to achieving nutritional excellence. You become an independent, nutritional reader, questioner, and thinker. You declare that, by learning all you can about the qualities of the foods you choose to purchase and to eat, you intend to become a healthier and more vibrant human being.

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