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    Dr. J’s Interviews

      Podcast host Aarn Farmer features his own dramatic story of how he lost 200 pounds of excessive body fat by revolutionizing his personal diet. His podcast interviews feature many outstanding authors and personalities. I recommend you visit. If you would like to hear his recent interview with me, click the link below:

    The Core Connections Podcast with Erica Ziel

    Have you ever questioned if you need to be taking a certain medication? Or if that bag of chips is the only thing that can get you through that mid-day craving? Or even turned the butt warmers on in your car to help relieve some of that low back pain before work? ALL of these symptoms can be PREVENTED by taking your health into your own hands. Josef Arnould joins us to describe his reasoning behind why America should be one of the healthiest countries… but they’re not.

    Allan Misner is the host in this provocative interview format. As the name of his podcast denotes, the topics of discussion are highly relevant to all of us aspiring to the freedom of good health by developing and maintaining our strength throughout our entire adult lives. My interview with Allan is scheduled for broadcast on April 22 (2019).

    Ruth Klein’s Generation Why Not®

    Episode: The Foundation of Personal Health is Self-care With Dr. Josef Arnould. Ruth Klein is one of the most creative Integrative Brand Strategists and Productivity Coaches for Small Business, Entrepreneurs, Authors and Professionals today. Dr. Josef Arnould integrates traditional comprehensive chiropractic healthcare with whole-body exercise and nutritious eating. Dr. Josef is the founder of Strength for Life® Health and Fitness Center which is now in it’s 35th year. His book American Diet Revolution! inspires many to take action to better their personal health.


    Beauty Is Eternal Podcast with Caitlin Arnould

    Dr. Josef Arnould interviewed by his daughter Caitlin: Build an Army of Good Gut Bacteria, Greens Instead of Grains & Exercise To Prevent Entropy. “If you don’t have good gut health, then you don’t have good health.” Dr. Arnould is a chiropractor and the author of American Diet Revolution and has helped thousands of people improve their health because, “good health is a form of independence.” What’s going on in your mind is inextricably bound up with what’s going on in your body. We should be eating greens instead of grains.”