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    Podcast host Aarn Farmer features his own dramatic story of how he lost 200 pounds of excessive body fat by revolutionizing his personal diet. His podcast interviews feature many outstanding authors and personalities. I recommend you visit. If you would like to hear his recent interview with me, click the link below:

    Late Night Health Radio with Mark Alyn

    . These podcasts cover a very wide range of health topics. Listening to them broadens our horizons and deepens our understanding to the enormous challenges confronting each on us individually and, collectively, the fate of every living organism on our planet.

    Allan Misner is the host in this provocative interview format. As the name of his podcast denotes, the topics of discussion are highly relevant to all of us aspiring to the freedom of good health by developing and maintaining our strength throughout our entire adult lives. My interview with Allan is scheduled for broadcast on April 22 (2019).