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    September 29 - October 05
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      MELT Class with Master Teacher ‎Kerrie Hill Bodendorf‎

      17:00 -18:00
      116 Pleasant St. Eastworks, Suite 125, Easthampton, MA, 01027

      This is the second week of a three week series of MELT Classes

      his series will empower you to assess and treat your own body for imbalance and pain so you can live an active, pain-free life!

      Week 1- Focuses on the Upper body to help with arthritis, carpal tunnel, posture, neck and shoulder issues.

      Week 2- Focuses on the lower body to help with bunions, knee and ankle issues, low back and hip pain.

      Week 3- Focuses on Core moves to help with anxiety and depression as well as sleep issues and digestion. Improve balance and movement coordination.

      MELT prepares your body for exercise and helps to restore your body afterward, so injuries can be prevented in the first place!

      To Register Please Click on Link Below

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      Workout D for SFL Members

      12:00 -12:30
      116 Pleasant St. Eastworks, Suite 125, Easthampton, MA, 01027

      Learn Dr. Arnould’s workout D, 25 minute cardio interval training. On the stationary bikes small groups warm up for then minutes, do ten minute of cardio interval training (based on their self- perceived intensity) and then a five minute cool-down. You can take this basic workout strategy and do it on your own. Great to add to your workout routine 2 times a week.

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      Small Group-Semi-Personal Training

      18:00 -19:00
      116 Pleasant St. Eastworks, Suite 125, Easthampton, MA, 01027

      This fitness training will be for 5 people or less. Sign up for class is needed in order to reserve your spot. Class will focus on the needs of those involved and the fitness workout which will have weight training , cardio, balance, abdominal strengthening and stretching, will be individualized for the members attending.

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      Interval Circuit Training With Amy Dawn Kotel

      11:00 -12:00
      116 Pleasant St. Eastworks, Suite 125, Easthampton, MA, 01027

      Burn calories, safely strengthen your whole body, while having fun with a other fun people! Interval Circuit training goes back and forth between cardio based exercises and muscle strengthening exercises, ending with gentle stretches to support flexibility.

    October 29th, 2018 10AM

    Dr. David Stuckey, Functional Medicine, what it can do for you.