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    What is the American Diet Revolution?

    The American Diet Revolution is a growing movement toward profound change in the foods Americans grow, purchase, and eat and, just as importantly, in how we think about those foods. Thanks to a new breed of honest nutritional researcher/writers of the 21st Century, we know now that dietary advice we received from “experts” and “authorities” in the past was deliberately deceptive. Today’s researchers have exposed “dirty tricks” behind dietary propaganda drummed into us during the last 50 years of the 20th Century.

    The distribution of misleading nutritional advice began with biased dietary recommendations from the American Heart Association in 1961. The obesity rate in the US then was approximately 14%; the diabetes rate, less than 1%. In 1992, the US Department of Agriculture released the infamous Food Pyramid. The central recommendation: Eat 7 to 11 servings of grain-based foodstuffs daily. Few questioned why the USDA, created to promote the agricultural industry, was a truthful source of information about human nutrition. We obeyed, stuffing ourselves daily with the same foods ranchers use to fatten cattle. Cattle food, the most profitable agricultural commodity, became the dietary mainstay of American humans.

    What happened in the last half of the 20th Century when we followed the dietary advice of the American Heart Association and the USDA? By 2001, the US obesity rate was 33%; the diabetes rate, 11%. Today, 37% of American adults are obese, another 30% are significantly overweight, and diabetes is an epidemic among teenagers!

    Why do rates of these preventable diseases continue to climb? Why are so many Americans becoming the new colonists, the freedom of their good health confiscated by obesity, diabetes, dementia, and other diet-caused diseases? The honest answer: most Americans continue to eat according to the Food Pyramid. Those of us who continue to eat cattle food continue to suffer from these diseases.

    How can we change this?

    Will George Washington lead us back to freedom? Will Abe Lincoln emancipate us again? Will Teddy Roosevelt beat back monopolizing food cartels? Will our governments outlaw deceitful dietary advice from industries that profit most when we are obese?

    No! The only way to break the bonds of colonization by obesity and related diseases is to educate ourselves about healthful foods and to use our collective buying power to change the economics behind the foods we purchase and eat.

    21st Century researcher/writers have given us weapons of information to liberate ourselves from deceptions of the past. With these armaments, they launched the American Diet Revolution. I did not start this battle; I merely gave it a name. In American Diet Revolution! I make two other contributions. First, to make the works of these authors easier to understand, I summarize the most important points they present. Second, I arouse each reader’s awareness that we the people have the socioeconomic power to liberate ourselves from obesity and related diseases.

    What is the American Diet Revolution? It is our quest to regain the freedom of good health!