What Makes our Chiropractic Clinic Extraordinary?

ellipticalTwo important factors make the Strength for Life® Chiropractic Clinic an exceptional place to receive excellent health care.

First, our doctors have been practicing chiropractic for a combined total of more than 125 years. Their extensive experience enables them to treat people of all ages for a wide variety of painful and disabling conditions.

The second unique feature of our clinic is the intensive degree to which our doctors teach rehabilitative exercises to every patient, based upon his or her individual needs. As a result, the patient and the doctor become a unified treatment team.

Beyond these two distinguishing features, our doctors combine traditional chiropractic treatments with other disciplines of natural healing, such as:

  • hands-on manual therapies for injured or inflamed muscles;
  • nutritional, dietary, and weight-loss guidance;
  • posture analysis; and
  • evaluation of a patient's gait and foot and ankle movements.

In short, we strive to help all patients realize that their active participation is essential to overcoming their current health problems, to reaching their potential for physical fitness, and to enjoying the freedom of good health.


Meet the Doctors (left to right): Dr. Daniel Godbout, Dr. Gary Gorman, Dr. Roger Berman, Dr. Josef Arnould

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